An Old Barn under Sunset

A photographer friend took me to see an old barn near her home during past weekend.  We went there on sunset time to find there are two barns standing on an empty field, big and small.  Even though we didn't know what the functions of big and small barns we still enjoyed the time near … Continue reading An Old Barn under Sunset

Seven Magic Mountains under Sunset

They formed a set of true wonders! They are called "Seven Magic Mountains" because they are seven columns make of colorful rocks, with the height over 35 feet, standing in deserts surrounded by Red Rock Canyon. The exhibition of Seven Magic Mountains is located 16 miles south from Las Vegas.  It was originally opened on … Continue reading Seven Magic Mountains under Sunset

Making Sunset

While I was at Busan, Korea, I discovered a perfect place to shot those kaleidoscopically vibrant residents houses under sunset.  However I had to take a train back to Seoul before 5:00 pm.  Sunset time on that day was around 6:00 pm.  By no mean, I couldn't stay there for sunset scenes.  Undoubtedly this became one of … Continue reading Making Sunset

Korea Trip #2 – Vibrant Busan

Busan, a second largest city in South Korea, is known for its combination of beaches, mountains and temples.  Somebody calls is as San Francisco of South Korea. We went there on a pleasant day with mild temperature and sunshine, by chance we noticed there was a Busan International Movie Festival.  Even though we didn't see any … Continue reading Korea Trip #2 – Vibrant Busan

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Garden inside Como Park is tiny but elegant, made of lovely stones, rocks, bridges, towers and of course water flowing through them.  The tranquil place would calm down any turbulence in people's minds, and purify their souls. It was a little cloudy while we were there.  Since the photos are not full of … Continue reading Japanese Tea Ceremony

Beauty Growing in the Middle of Brutal Weather

Due to twenty degree below zero and snow storm all day today,  I didn't get out of house at all.  Sitting on the bed trying to catch up with the work duties, some issues from the tasks made me feel frustrated and to some degree upset. Through the window I looked outside to see white … Continue reading Beauty Growing in the Middle of Brutal Weather

Experience with the Photography using Studio Light

Having been learning photography for two years, I was only able to rely on natural light to take photos on subjects or people.  Natural lights can provide a source to bring the natural beauties of subjects or people out, but it is hard to control. I realized the in order to get a light source … Continue reading Experience with the Photography using Studio Light