Always Explore in More than One Way

It is always fun to look and take photos of the same things from various angles or on different moments. Last weekend the ducklings were finally hatched on our yard. Before they followed their parents onto their journey, I took some family photos for them. Since mommy duck had been staying in our yard for … Continue reading Always Explore in More than One Way

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Around dinner time, there was a sound from back yard. Gobble, gobble, gobble, soon after I realized there might be a tom turkey I grabbed my camera and ran in front of windows. Here he is! It was the first time for me to see a male turkey in such a close range, especially when … Continue reading Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

The Emptiness and Depression

After more than 10 days' quarantining at home, I decided to take a tour around downtown Minneapolis.  There were a few cars driving by once a while, a few people wearing masks, protective glasses and rubber gloves walking down the streets, or waiting at almost empty train station.  I stopped by Wells Fargo building, where … Continue reading The Emptiness and Depression

Romance in Silence

Minnehaha Fall is the biggest waterfall around Minneapolis areas.  It is 53-foot tall, and it can roar so loudly that I could hear it from a few miles away. Today I drove by the park, to my surprise the area was quiet.  The unusual Silence prompted me stop my car and go to see what happened … Continue reading Romance in Silence

Sit, Listen, Pause, Reflect

Most of us have been rushing through daily life, doing something or going somewhere.  We were buried into our business and pushed from one project to another.  Even though we had some accomplishments, often times we missed the most beautiful details around us. What if once a while we pause our steps, sit down, listen … Continue reading Sit, Listen, Pause, Reflect

Look up to Minnesota Sky

Summer at Minnesota is nothing but beautiful. If you choose to take a walk along Stone Arch Bridge at Downtown Minneapolis on a sunny day, you will be impressed by the scenes along Mississippi River.  If you Look Up towards the blue sky you will be more impressed by its crystal clear pollution - free air. At … Continue reading Look up to Minnesota Sky

Along Mississippi River

The beauty of summer at Minnesota offer let people forget its brutal winter. On the long weekend of July 4th I had chance to explore some areas along Mississippi River, such as Saint Anthony Falls, Stone Arch Bridge and the Third Avenue Bridge.  Several times my sisters at Xi'an, China were amazed by the clearness … Continue reading Along Mississippi River

Summer Gathering on a Music Festival

Summer at Minnesota is shorter than most of other places.  People here like to take advantage of the warm weather to get out of their houses as much as possible. This photo was taken at one late afternoon in last summer, people were Gathering at a place besides a lake to enjoy a music festival.  Unfortunately … Continue reading Summer Gathering on a Music Festival