Lowry Avenue Bridge

The Lowry Avenue Bridge is a steel tied-arch bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, completed in October 2012. One of the uniqueness of the bridge is that its light halo can change color according to holidays or other special occasions. Its default color is blue as shown below. Today is Christmas Day the … Continue reading Lowry Avenue Bridge

Polar Vortex

This past week at Minneapolis can be described by one word - cold! The winter at Minneapolis is always cold, but previous winters have never been like this one, which is not only cold but very very cold!  There is a natural phenomena called "polar vortex", meaning air from north pole is circulated toward south … Continue reading Polar Vortex

They are the First to Tell……

the arrival of the spring. According to Chinese, ducks are the first ones to notice the warmth of new spring.  I would like to say that swans are also among the ones who can notice the arrival of spring before any others. The lake near my home has been my Favorite Place  to get some photos … Continue reading They are the First to Tell……

Romance in Silence

Minnehaha Fall is the biggest waterfall around Minneapolis areas.  It is 53-foot tall, and it can roar so loudly that I could hear it from a few miles away. Today I drove by the park, to my surprise the area was quiet.  The unusual Silence prompted me stop my car and go to see what happened … Continue reading Romance in Silence

Snow Storm in the Middle of March

After warm weather for a couple of weeks we started to believe the winter finally passed and spring around the corner.  I even saw couple of green sprouts coming out from tree branches. But it is not true the winter is still around Minnesota except that it was taking a break for couple of weeks. … Continue reading Snow Storm in the Middle of March

Freeze at 20 below Zero

What can a person feel at some place with temperature 20 below zero?  I guess he / she can experience such a coldness at Minnesota. We were blessed with fairly warm weather during Christmas and New Year times, but have been attacked by cold front in the past couple of days.  Yesterday just before sunset, I … Continue reading Freeze at 20 below Zero