Sketches in the Light of Sunset

Lately I became obsessed to taking photos under sunset.

Everyday after dinner, I drive to a local lake, sit there to enjoy the tranquility of the environment and happy people, while waiting for the Sun to come down.  I start my action when the lowest point of the Sun touches the horizon, which leaves only about 10 minutes window before the Sun completely disappears.

My original goal was to learn photography in sunset, but by chance I captured some people into the pictures.  The results of post – adjustments was beyond expectations, since the silhouettes of those people have made pictures more vivid and interesting.

Look, a family of four gesturing to each other in the water; a young couple playing ball and their toddler digging into sand; a teenage girl jumping into water; a group of young boys playing rocket ball on a platform; two sisters sharing some secrets.

I am looking at these sketched in the light of sunset as if I hear them talking and laughing while bathing in the warmth of beautiful Minnesota summer.

Life is so beautiful and at the end of each day I can say “Today Was a Good Day!”


22 thoughts on “Sketches in the Light of Sunset

  1. Beautiful photos of the sunset. Love the shot where the person is jumping into the water. Great timing. I too like photographing sunsets. So peaceful watching the sun go down, knowing that we have made it through another day and there’s a new day not far away 🙂

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  2. Beautiful photos, Yan. usually I like sunsets to be sunsets, but in these picture the silohettes give meaning and depth to the sunset, the happiness and joy of the people is captured in their movements, making the sunset a cause for celebration. Youve also captured them in perfect positioning, the silhouettes have balance in the photos – beautiful, I love them!

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