Even though few weeks has passed since Chinese Lunar New Year (year of tiger), I am still amazed by the creative choreography presented on New Year's celebration party. A lady was dancing in front of a background of a bright moon. With other part of the music hall turning completely dark, the effect of dancing … Continue reading Silhouette

Sunset with the Last Hot Waves

The week before was the last warm day at Minnesota, since then temperature has been dropping, the leafs have been turning colors or falling off their branches. Last Sunday night, I went to the beach which I have gone so many times in the past to capture people playing under warm sunset. While photographing those … Continue reading Sunset with the Last Hot Waves

Satisfaction under the Summer Sunset

Sunset has been my favorite topic of photography during summertime. I usually walk around Bush Lake with my DSLR camera half an hour before sunset.  I like to capture the good times those families and friends are sharing, meanwhile I listen to their talks, laughs and even creaming. The follow group of photos are part … Continue reading Satisfaction under the Summer Sunset

Love til Sunset

Even though I have been going to the same lakeside to take photography of sunset scenes, I could always find something new each time.  The forms and colors of clouds floating in the sky, the silhouettes of happy people, the wave in the water driven by the wind, the ray of beams and the reflections … Continue reading Love til Sunset

The Silhouettes of Two Photographers under Sunset

Every night after dinner, as long as I could see the Sun still emitting rays of light through clouds, I picked up my DSLR to capture the scenes of sunset.  I usually arrived at the lakeshore about half an hour before sunset time.  Most of the nights, I was the only photographer, together with a … Continue reading The Silhouettes of Two Photographers under Sunset

The Treat of My Vision

This is my entry to "CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: SENSE OF SEEING". Soon after I started learning photography, I was taught that the best times of a day to take pictures are within an hour after sunrise and within an hour before sunset.  In this summer I have been practicing photo-shoting on these two time … Continue reading The Treat of My Vision

Sketches in the Light of Sunset

Lately I became obsessed to taking photos under sunset. Everyday after dinner, I drive to a local lake, sit there to enjoy the tranquility of the environment and happy people, while waiting for the Sun to come down.  I start my action when the lowest point of the Sun touches the horizon, which leaves only about 10 … Continue reading Sketches in the Light of Sunset