Two Generations Together

I have been visiting Mississippi Rookery on a regular basis since late March this year. I wanted to see how those great blue herons built their home from scratch, found their another half to start families and raise their next generation.

Here are couple of previous posts including my observations on herons’ life:

Couple of weeks ago I finally saw heron chicks in some of the nests.

The little ones have much less hair than their parents, as a result they were not able to open their wings to fly. They rely on their parents to bring foods to them. The big herons were flying back and fourth carrying foods (something very small and invisible from faraway). While photographing herons’ families, it was always easier to see the parents due to their huge bodies and wingspans, but always very difficult to notice those new born since they were so small. I had to find a nest which were not blocked by tree branches. I got only couple of nests to take a peak on herons’ families.

I am always excited to see new life sprouting in spring and summer times.

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From large to small

7 thoughts on “Two Generations Together

  1. Hi, Yan. The baby herons are small now, but soon they’ll be large! Your images of the herons are a rare treat. I’ve never seen the babies before.


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