It has been supper hot (over 90 degree) over last couple of weeks, and the trend will continue through next week. For the first time in my life I started missing the winter at Minnesota.

But birdies are taking full advantages of such a continuous high temperature and the shades & shadows around our yard.

Our home belong to a community named as Forest Heaven, which is famously known covered by its plants and trees to offer plenty cooling areas during hot summer days.

This week by chance I discovered that a mallard couple had built their nest just beside our walkway towards front yard. It was under big tall plants and completely disguised. It was really hard to see until I accidentally threw some weeds under the trees while doing yard work. The female duck was scared and flew away, then I noticed a nest with around 10 eggs in it.

Fortunately she flew back again a little while later. She has been spending most time of a day sitting in the nest, and got used to my daily visiting.

We put some corns on our backyard everyday for her and the male ducks to eat. They get together for dinner on our backyard, and then she went back to the nest while he was hanging around nearby.

Just around the same time that we found the duck nest we also found a hummingbird nest on a tall tree using binoculars. The nest was hidden in the shades of branches and leaves, really hard to notice by naked eyes.

Still there are not little ones yet, both mallard and hummingbird are expecting.

Getting corns out and filling the feeders with sugar water have become our daily duties to make sure the birdies have enough food supplies through such a significant period of their lives.

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