It has been supper hot (over 90 degree) over last couple of weeks, and the trend will continue through next week. For the first time in my life I started missing the winter at Minnesota. But birdies are taking full advantages of such a continuous high temperature and the shades & shadows around our yard. … Continue reading Expecting

Two Generations Together

I have been visiting Mississippi Rookery on a regular basis since late March this year. I wanted to see how those great blue herons built their home from scratch, found their another half to start families and raise their next generation. Here are couple of previous posts including my observations on herons' life: https://cxianliu.wordpress.com/2021/04/10/flight-in-fresh-spring-air/ https://cxianliu.wordpress.com/2021/05/22/blue-and-green-the-colors-for-new-lives/Continue reading Two Generations Together

Blue and Green: the Colors for New Lives

The colors of blue and green always remind us of freshly grown trees under the blue sky. Often times it is around spring season. With the birds chirping and plants sprouting, the earth is cultivating new lives! After spring arrives at Mississippi River, the birds turned to active after a long brutal winter. A great … Continue reading Blue and Green: the Colors for New Lives

Flight in Fresh Spring Air

At Minnesota spring usually comes later than other states. Once a while we had a major snow storm even in the middle of April. Even though temperature is rising and a few flowers' buds are popping, we are not totally into green season. But we already smell the freshness coming in spring air! So do … Continue reading Flight in Fresh Spring Air

A New Family

Early spring is the time not only for flowers to bloom but also for birds to start new families. There is a couple of owls in a forest nearby. They soon became local celebrity since they decided to build their home in a tree cavity. Everyday many locals stopped by to visit them - parents … Continue reading A New Family

Nest, Sweet Nest!

Within the last week of June, a robin couple built a nest under our roof, and laid 4 eggs there.  I believe that they brought us with something good before we were about to complete the turbulent first half of 2020. We eagerly waited for two weeks, and finally saw the eggs hatched to 4 … Continue reading Nest, Sweet Nest!

A Good Start of Second – Half 2020

We accidentally found that a robin couple have built a nest underneath the roof of our house, and laid 4 eggs. What a pleasant surprise!  We already have had a tough first half of 2020, the sign of upcoming new lives hopefully has given us a good start of second half of 2020! Let's keep … Continue reading A Good Start of Second – Half 2020