Walking in Cold Breeze

It was sunny and cold, which I consider as the best time to take photos on the activities on ski hill.

As usual the ski hill nearby was busy and crowed, those young kids were enjoying sliding downhill as fast as they could.  Some of them were jumping high in the air and doing flipping, twisting or other tricks.  Then I saw this young girl who was walking with skis in her arms.  At first I wondered why she wasn’t wearing skis instead of carrying them.  After a few seconds I remembered the time while I was trying to learn ski.  After I fell down, I couldn’t get up so I had to take skis off my feet in order to stand up again.

Was she a brand new skier and trying to be alone for a while to figure what to do next?  I guessed so.

So I took a photo of this young girl who was walking alone among those fast sliders.



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