Downhill Ski at Hyland on Christmas Eve

I don't do any winter sports, and am afraid of high speed activities such as downhill ski.  However photographing those dynamic movements is always one of my favorite topics. With the schools closing for the holiday season, a lot of young kids are heading to the ski hills.  I went there today to capture the … Continue reading Downhill Ski at Hyland on Christmas Eve

Walking in Cold Breeze

It was sunny and cold, which I consider as the best time to take photos on the activities on ski hill. As usual the ski hill nearby was busy and crowed, those young kids were enjoying sliding downhill as fast as they could.  Some of them were jumping high in the air and doing flipping, … Continue reading Walking in Cold Breeze

As Fast as Lightning

I can't ski or snowboard at all.  However capturing those fast skiers or snowboarders has become my passion in this winter. Before in each winter at Minnesota, the cold weather and grey sky always made me feel blue, especially I hated to get out and walk in snow.  In almost 6 month, I pretty much … Continue reading As Fast as Lightning

Their Paths in the Cold

If somebody asks me what the scariest sport I have tried, without any hesitation I will come up with an answer - downhill skiing. Years ago I took lessons to get a taste of downhill skiing.  The experience was unforgettable.  First I had really hard time to switch the direction in order to follow my … Continue reading Their Paths in the Cold