Tranquil and Jubilant

Having juggled between work and family over years, I decided to take this week off before I start my new career next week.

The first weekend after I resigned from my old job turned to be a very nice one.  Not worrying about uncompleted or imperfect tasks at work, I slept much better at night, which undoubtedly gave me a great spirit in next morning.  After planting a few flowers in a little garden, I was wandering around in our front yard, inhaling the fresh summer air and fragrances from the followers.  Meanwhile I was feeling grateful on such a tranquil and Jubilant time.

My husband, Ron, offered to take couple of photos for me, since he was also happy to see that I was totally Relaxed and not getting grumpy as easily as before.

photo1-3-no copy

photo1-4 copy


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