She Said “I DO!”

Last night the weather was nice and warm, I went to a lake near my home with my DSLR in hope to capture something interesting under sunset.

Just after the Sun sank below the horizon, and I was ready to leave, I noticed there were a young man and young woman hopping onto a bench beside the lake.  I immediately sneaked behind them and aimed my camera on them.  First they were talking, laughing while hand – in – hand.

photo-19 copy

After a while they turned to face each other, I sensed something serious going to happen.

photo-21 copy

Then I saw the young man lowered one of his knees down, by that time I completely understood what was going on.

photo-23 copy

I didn’t hear what he said to her, but I knew he was proposing to her.  The young woman also lowered one of her knees down, they laughed and hugged.

photo-22 copy

Finally the young man turned back toward me, a photographer whom he ignored before, and told me, she said “I do!”.

I put down my camera, looked at them through my watering eyes.  I just witnessed their pure and Jubilant moment and the formation of their joyful partnership.


30 thoughts on “She Said “I DO!”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful story and wonderful example of jubilance! I had tears in my eyes as well and am happy for the couple (as well as the very lucky photographer who happened to be in the right place at the right time) 🙂

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