Design of Love

Our wedding anniversary is on this coming weekend, I would like to share this post with my readers to show what One Love means to us.


This pair of rings are our wedding rings, they were actually designed by my husband and myself just before our big day on 2003.  They are all made of platinum, we selected this metal due to its durability and long last life.  The standing ring is mine, designed to be a perfect join of “square” and “round”, a Symbol of an unity of two people from different backgrounds, and with different personalities.  On the top of the ring a small diamond is embedded to refract light and to add elegance to the entire design.

Another ring belongs to my husband, which appears to be a simply round shaped.  But the uniqueness is that a trace of his father’s wedding band was melt into the inner wall of the ring, which often reminds us of the characteristics inherited from our last generation.

The pair of rings are carrying a birth and continuity of a love story and a blessing from heaven!



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