They are here just for Each Other

Last year we bought a parakeet and named him "Coconut".  Coconut has a combination of blue and black feathers, and like to look outside window to greet other birds with his happing chirping.  But most of time he was quiet and longly.  We had been trying to interact with Coconut, but he was so shy … Continue reading They are here just for Each Other

A Yellow Rose

(I decided to share this old post with my readers today, a special anniversary) This withered yellow rose has been with me for eight years, for me it is just as beautiful and valuable as it was freshly blooming. Eight years ago on a steamy and hot July day, I was at work and received a short email from my husband, Ron, … Continue reading A Yellow Rose

Lending Money, or Not?

Couple of days ago, an acquaintance from my home town asked me whether I could lend him around 20 grands for couple of weeks.  After some considerations, I rejected the request. Back to the time when I was a student, once a classmate asked me to lend him $300 since the utilities at his apartment would … Continue reading Lending Money, or Not?

Autumn, a romantic sorrow

I am wandering in the forest of autumn while feeling melancholy from your departure; I am watching leafs falling and flowers withering while humming a melody you played for me. I am bathing in the warmth of sunlight to see green changing into yellow and red; I was expecting a splendid autumn but it is … Continue reading Autumn, a romantic sorrow

Something we may have overlooked,

but we will never forget...... Such as those items which are carrying rich memories: or something from old past with family history: They are  truly (Extra)ordinary!

If one day, I disappear from your world……

If one day I disappear from your world, will you stop walking on a street while my image suddenly strikes your brain? if one day I disappear from your world, will you have desire to share your happiest moments with me? if one day I disappear from your world, will you wake up in the … Continue reading If one day, I disappear from your world……

By Chance We met at the sea in the darkness of night, you have your destination, I have mine. You may remember, but it'd be the best that you forgot - the glowing and shining released while our paths crossed. I am just a piece of cloud in the sky, by chance I am casting a … Continue reading By Chance

Design of Love

Our wedding anniversary is on this coming weekend, I would like to share this post with my readers to show what One Love means to us. This pair of rings are our wedding rings, they were actually designed by my husband and myself just before our big day on 2003.  They are all made of platinum, we … Continue reading Design of Love

Today You Turn 12

Starting from the age as a kindergartener, when the time was approaching to 4:59 pm on July 3 each year, my daughter, Amber, came to remind me: "You must have started pushing really hard!" "I couldn't push, the doctor was grabbing your little feet and pulling you out of my tummy." I told her. July 3, for … Continue reading Today You Turn 12