Ouch, he must be hurt!

Last weekend, the weather was warmer than usual, the sky was blue without any trace of clouds.

I drove to Buckhill ski and snowboarding area to take photos one last time in this winter.  I stood far away from the hills and used 200 mm lens to capture those amazing moments of those young kids jumping high into the sky and landing on their feet.  It was also a very enjoyable experience for my to watch such exciting sports.

A snowboarder in black suit jumped high, and I was busy pressing shutter continuously.  Not like others he suddenly lost balance in the middle of air and slumped hard onto the ski hill.  I captured the entire processes through my camera, and I was waiting in hope that he could get up again.  But he didn’t, then I started to worry he might be hurt.  I looked around to find any medical staffs and told them what I saw.  Couple of people rushed toward the ski hill, a while later I saw the snowboarder carried away by a emergency snowmobile.


It was an very unexpected moment I saw through my telephoto lens, and I was glad I could help!


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