They are here just for Each Other

Last year we bought a parakeet and named him “Coconut”.  Coconut has a combination of blue and black feathers, and like to look outside window to greet other birds with his happing chirping.  But most of time he was quiet and longly.  We had been trying to interact with Coconut, but he was so shy that he avoid us each time.  Gradually we could felt his loneliness.

Last month we decided to go back to the same store where Coconut was from and get another parakeet.  We found one with a combination of green, yellow and black feathers, and named him as “Pistachio”.  They connected with each other soon after Pistachio came to our home.


They aften stand together to look outside world, or “speak” to each other through a language understood only by them.  Sometimes we even see them kissing.


We believe they were born to form A Good Match for each other.

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