The Green

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The neighborhood our family belong to was named as “Forest Heaven”.

As its name tells, there are a lot of trees grown in our front and back yards.  Even though we have been removing some trees each years, there are still plenty of them.  Heavily covered by the branches and leaves from early spring through late fall, most of the areas in our yards are in shadow.  A few flowers on some isolated gardens with sufficient sunlight can boom, most of the areas are showing green in summer.

This morning, I was randomly shooting the plants and flowers in the yard, by chance I captured some pictures frames composed only by greens.  By applying large exposure and high shutter speed, a shallow focus length was achieved, which created sharply focused buds with blurring background.

Sometimes we don’t have to travel a long distance to discover natural wonders because they might be right besides us.

It IS Easy Being Green!

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