Freeze at 20 below Zero

What can a person feel at some place with temperature 20 below zero?  I guess he / she can experience such a coldness at Minnesota.

We were blessed with fairly warm weather during Christmas and New Year times, but have been attacked by cold front in the past couple of days.  Yesterday just before sunset, I stopped by a lake near my home.  It was 20 below zero, I quickly captured couple of photos of the lake which was already frozen, and jump into my car.  Still I felt my figures were numbed after just couple of minutes outside.

I can recall the winter two years back, there were a few days with temperature 40 below zero.  Most of the local schools were closed.

But here is an Optimistic part of cold weather – it offers us a lot of opportunities to enjoy the gathering with families at home, sitting around fireplace, drinking hot cocoa, roasting marshmallow and making s’mores, while watching a lazy mom working on the raw photos.

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