The most familiar strangers

photo_20 copy

I used to illustrated that
we would be walking side – by – side
until the end of our lives;
But now your face is blurring
in my sight and my mind;
Whatever you are doing
and whomever you are smiling to
are not anymore critical to me.

I was already wearied
by my own struggles and by you;
You intruded into my world
and abandoned me later;
I was so naive
that I let you take my whole heart;
By the end I suddenly realized that
our story was actually my own monologue.

You never knew the torture I had
since you had your life which I didn’t touch;
We couldn’t bear the passion in between
so we chose to let it go;
Then we are parting away
without caring, texts or calls
we have lost each other
and become the most familiar strangers;

Even it is still hurtful to think of you
I am moving toward sunshine;
If one day somebody asks about me
what will you describe me,  a lover or a friend;
We finally turned to the most familiar strangers
after a happy start but cruel end;
Were we going to start at all
if we had projected what to happen?

3 thoughts on “The most familiar strangers

  1. Thanks a ton for a beautiful poem..

    I can connect to this as it seem to be my current state as well.

    I have posted the poem on my blog, so that I can relate to it in future. I hope it’s okay.

    Liked by 1 person

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