Good Day with Watermelon Bread

watermellen_bread_2 copy

I have been considering myself one of the worst cooks in the world.  That might be one of the reasons that my husband and my kids have hard time finding anything delicious to eat at home.  Eating at different restaurants has become a norm at our family.

But once a while I try to make something edible at home, most time my cooking ended with a messy kitchen and several long faces.

Couple of months ago, I found a recipe to bake watermelon – like bread, it was interesting but challenge, especially for a bad cook like me.  My first try turned out nothing like watermelon, and my daughter frowned after one bite.  Then there were second, third and forth tries, which all ended with a lot of complains.

Today I summarized the root causes for previous failure and gave a fifth try.  The result looks as good as a watermelon and tastes as good as the breads from grocery store.

While we were sitting around dinner table to share the watermelon bread as the Treat, I realized that Today Was a Good Day!

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