A Young Kid on Beach Road

This is my entry for this week’s “CEE’S WHICH WAY CHALLENGE: 2015 WEEK 33″.

kid_walking copy

The photo was captured at Santa Barbara last month.

I was watching kids jumping in and out ocean waves, while bathing under Pacific sunshine and enjoying the warmth of sand.

I randomly captured some photos of kids playing around, but this one is my favorite with a young girl walking alone along a beach road surrounded by the tranquility of ocean blue.


4 thoughts on “A Young Kid on Beach Road

  1. Beautifful shot, Yan. But this is a child’s image, and it appears that you dont know the child – you said it was some random children. I am wondering did you ask her about having her photo taken?

    She might not appreciate her photo all over the world wide web. I realise there are no identifying facial features, but anyone who knows her might recognise her. Her parents might not appreciate it either. She is a child.

    Please take this as a gentle thought – I know I get very upset when random strangers take – or attempt to take – my daughter’s photos.

    Just my thoughts – I believe that as adults we need to be very careful about posting children’s photos all over the world wide web. i work in education and we are not allowed to take childrens photos nor share them without the express permission of the child and their parents. So I’m quite conscious about this issue. Thanks for listening, my thoughts only.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. As long as I don’t use the photo as any commercial purposes, I don’t need “model release”. In addition, all pictures I have uploaded onto my blog site are not full resolution, that means that they can only be displayed in small size, not large size shown in public.


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