Love Only Made with Loved One


Eileen Chang (張愛玲), one of the most influential Chinese writers, once wrote: a man’s heart can be reached through his stomach, and a woman’s through her vagina.  Such words, straightforward and even cruel, revealed simple and humble natures of a woman.

For many girls, the first sexual experience may feel as confusing as sleepwalking.  In most cases she has no preparations on what she is looking for and what she is about to get, sexual satisfaction is beyond her reach.  The imperfect experience forms part of the reasons that the relationship with her first sexual partner is usually short lived.

Despite this after her very first sexual encounter, an impression on her partner, more or less, good or bad, may be stored in her memory for the rest of her life.  This might be why even nowadays an oriental man is still obsessed with the concept of virginity, carrying an expectation to leave a scar in her heart by being her first before departing to hunt for the next virgin.  On contrary an oriental women, after sex, wishes to be his last and expect to extend the relationship with her partner to eternity.

As a result sex can make the man worry about soon being dragged into a committed relationship while make the woman worry about soon being estranged from her partner.  So as said sexual encounter might mean the end of a story for a man while the start of a journey for a woman.


For a woman, she often first embraces a man into her heart before she lets him get into her body.  She may feel lost during her first time, she definitely becomes more serious and aware of what she wants during second, third times.  It was said that a man usually differentiates sex from true passion, it may be true for some of them; most of them, I believe, prefer to make love only with their loved ones.

Thus love – making can simultaneously provide both man and woman with both mental and sexual pleasures, if it happens between two loved ones.  The love only made with loved one is, under any circumstances, a sacred and beautiful thing.

Thus it is a very last thing a man does is to disappoint, or even worse, betray his partner, because she cares for him more than she cares for herself in order to keep the companionship.

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