Korea Trip #9 – Bukchon Hanok Village

Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine, Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hundreds of traditional houses, called hanok, that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. The name Bukchon, which literally translates to "northern village," came about as the neighborhood lies north of two significant Seoul landmarks, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Jongno. Today, many … Continue reading Korea Trip #9 – Bukchon Hanok Village

Korea Trip #8 – Changing of the Guards

During the Joseon Dynasty, the royal guards were responsible for guarding and patrolling the gates of the capital city and the royal palaces. The royal palace guards, who were known as the "Wanggung Sumunjang", had the very important duty of protecting the king by guarding the entrance gates of the primary royal palace where the … Continue reading Korea Trip #8 – Changing of the Guards

Korea Trip #6 – Seoul China Day

"Today is your birthday, my dear motherland.  In the morning breeze I send a white pigeon to bring you an olive leaf together with my best wishes......" We walked toward this familiar melody, to find out there was a China Day going on in the middle of Seoul Downtown.  Those young women in bright red … Continue reading Korea Trip #6 – Seoul China Day

Korea Trip #4 – Sunset at Han River

The Han River is a major river in South Korea and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula after the Amnok, Tuman, and Nakdong rivers. The river begins as two smaller rivers in the eastern mountains of the Korean peninsula, which then converge near Seoul, the capital of the country. The Banpo Bridge is … Continue reading Korea Trip #4 – Sunset at Han River

Korea Trip #3 – Fish Market

Any trips to Busan will not complete without visiting its Jagalchi Fish Market. When we were there smell of fishes was floating in the air.  Walking around only to surprisingly notice the market was huge!  It was full of all kinds of fishes, every species I can or can't image.  Colorful ones, skinny ones, fat … Continue reading Korea Trip #3 – Fish Market

Korea Trip #2 – Vibrant Busan

Busan, a second largest city in South Korea, is known for its combination of beaches, mountains and temples.  Somebody calls is as San Francisco of South Korea. We went there on a pleasant day with mild temperature and sunshine, by chance we noticed there was a Busan International Movie Festival.  Even though we didn't see any … Continue reading Korea Trip #2 – Vibrant Busan

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Garden inside Como Park is tiny but elegant, made of lovely stones, rocks, bridges, towers and of course water flowing through them.  The tranquil place would calm down any turbulence in people's minds, and purify their souls. It was a little cloudy while we were there.  Since the photos are not full of … Continue reading Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience with the Photography using Studio Light

Having been learning photography for two years, I was only able to rely on natural light to take photos on subjects or people.  Natural lights can provide a source to bring the natural beauties of subjects or people out, but it is hard to control. I realized the in order to get a light source … Continue reading Experience with the Photography using Studio Light

Happy Moon Festival!

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival! The date of the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. That timing places the festival in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, close to the autumnal equinox, every year.  The Moon Festival is a holiday for … Continue reading Happy Moon Festival!

Magnificent Dragon, Waiting to Soar

There is a Chinese lantern display going on at the local park.  The master piece of the display is a huge dragon, coming through the rough waves and Waiting to soar into the sky.  It is also interesting to see her long body displayed in a Layered half circles. A dragon has been a symbol of power, … Continue reading Magnificent Dragon, Waiting to Soar