After Dark Secret Leaked……


Recently despite the bleeding stock market around the world, data leaking from Ashley Madison has been another hot topic.

I first heard about this website a month ago, when “Impact Team” announced that data was stolen and would be made public if the owner didn’t shut down the website immediately.  For my own curiosity I briefly checked what the website did to make “Impact Team” so mad.

“Life is Short, Have Affair!” is its mission.  So it encourages married people cheat their spouses?  That is why somebody hates it!

“Why didn’t government or legal authorities stop it?”  During a lunch I asked one of my friends who is actually working in legal areas.  My tone of voice sounded angry.  He was surprised I didn’t know that having extramarital affair is not against any laws or regulations.

Then “Impact Team” moved forward to dump the information in front of public eyes after the owner of the website refused to compromise.  That is shocking 37 millions, the number of married people who have been cheating or are looking for opportunities to cheat!

Then within 24 hours, a person named Josh Duggar, “the biggest hypocrite ever”, showed up in the list.  The active promoter of faith and family values admitted that he was actually unfaithful to his family.

But within another 24 hours, his disgraced and shamed wife, Anna Duggar, claimed to stand besides her cheating husband.

I condemn both of them – a cheater and a supporter!

Any unfaithfulness puts marriage on the edge of free fall.  There are only two ways, in my opinions, to continue a family life after the trust between two people is broken by an extramarital affair.  One is through external pressure such as publicity, another is through a short memory of the cheated spouse.

I seriously doubt the statement to still stay together “for the sake of young kids”, since I don’t believe a kid can grow up to be a psychologically healthy adult under the influence of the parents lacking love and trust in between.

What about the forgiveness from the cheated spouse?  Well, that will send a message to the cheating one that infidelity is not a problem and go do it again in the future since it can be forgiven again.

So life is short, love your spouse with your whole heart.

Don’t cheat, don’t forgive any cheaters!


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