A Bundle of Love

I wrapped my baby into this bundle of love,
and held her tightly against my chest,
to let her feel my heart beating.

Immersed in mother’s smell and warmth,
she immediately fell asleep,
even at the nights of thunder and lightening.

She grew out of the bundle of love,
still carried it as her closest companion,
even with frays all over it.

It served as her guardian,
to give her peace and protection,
just as the time she was a tiny baby.

One day she carefully put it away,
“I don’t need it, I am a big girl now.”
yes, because It Has Been a Decade!



5 thoughts on “A Bundle of Love

  1. This baby blanket was a gift from my friend, Risa, who came to visit me while my daughter, Amber, was only two months old.

    Even after Amber grew too big to be wrapped into the blanket, she was still holding it no matter where she went, day or night, until she turned to 10 last month. By then the blanket almost fell apart, we had to carefully cleaned it, stored it for a lifelong memory on friendship, love and parenthood.


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