In Memory of “Mrs. Doubtfire”


I, as most of people around the world, have watched a lot of movies over time.  Among those movies only a few worth memorizing, for me “Mrs. Doubtfire” is one of them.

Just a few months after I landed in this country, I was struggling to adapt to the new environment.  Often times, I felt frustrated by being torn between two cultures, inherited from my motherland and obtained at my new home.  The life of a new student without much belongings and money was boring and unhappy.  My routine at school was to repetitively travel between my apartment and classroom.

Here came the summer 1994, one Friday night my Taiwanese roommate drove me to a nearby theater.  The theater especially opened for students, it charged $1 per movie if we presented our student ID.  The only disadvantage was that it only showed “old” movie.  At that night it was showing “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

We were sitting in the theater sharing popcorn and killing time, but gradually our attention was switching from popcorns to the story on the big screen.  Our English was not good enough to understand entire conversations in the movie, thus we had to guess the meanings of some words based on the facial and body languages from those main characters, especially Mrs. Doubtfire’s.

Daniel’s skills to “do voices” let him “transform” into a lady whom even his own children couldn’t see through.  Then a series of funny scenes were shown in front of us.  He planted his face into a layer of cake froster and later the chunk of froster on his face dripped into a glass of water, which “she” was trying to serve a home inspector.  “She” accidentally showed “her” leg inside a bus and got a compliment from the driver as “healthy” and “natural”.  “She” fought away a robber on a street, as a strong man in a lady dress.  She / he was busy running between two tables in the same restaurant, as a man and as a lady, by alternating voices and behaves accordingly, to cheer up both his client and his ex – wife.

We couldn’t help laughing so loudly, and totally forgot we were at a public place.  In my memory it was the first time after I left my hometown that I was really happy!

Through “Mrs. Doubtfire”, I knew Robin Williams, a great comedian.  I imaged that his heart must be always filled with blue sky and sunlight, I also imaged that nobody around him should be unhappy.

However, I was completely wrong since he died due to depression and left sorrow to the people who loved him!  It must have been a long journey of solitude he suffered that led to his suicide.

Then I started to believe that he was a kind of human beings who sent happiness out to others but kept the sadness inside himself, I also started to believe that he was just like a candle or a meteor to burn himself in order to lighten others’ worlds.

So “Mrs. Doubtfire”, the Heaven must have became a happier place since your arrival, and we will be always missing you dearly from the Earth!



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