Who I Am and Why I Am Here?


Even though I have been working with numbers / computations / programming, my curiosity has been driving me to explore other fields. 

I built my blog 6 months ago, implementing the skills of imagination and creation I developed in scientific fields to fulfill my gradually growing passion in writing, both in English and Chinese.  My goal is to write down some interesting and inspiring stories coming from my daily work and life.  I would also like to make connections with other bloggers, especially the ones possessing the background of oriental cultures.

One of the writing projects through 2014 I hope to have accomplished is the journey to visit my hometown at Mainland China and another brand new Asian city (undetermined).  I wish to record every piece of this journey to share with other bloggers.


Yan Balczewski

5 thoughts on “Who I Am and Why I Am Here?

  1. I have no background in oriental culture other than a great admiration for it. However, I do have a great admiration for science, technology and specifically numbers. I am fascinated with one number in particular because it is everywhere in my life. Anyway, I look forward to hearing about your trip to China….I would love to go. However, if my cause takes off, I will most likely be banned from every country in the world. Or at least I hope so, it means I am getting somewhere. If you get a chance to check out my blog, do so. Will be back to see what your writing about, hopefully numbers….LRGII


  2. I like your style of writing, easy to read and catchy. On your title, maybe something a little snappier than what you have, something that says a little about your interests or life. Something about Asia or China maybe? Or the writing and science interests?


  3. I just discovered your blog, and I am enjoying reading it. I love travelling and learning about other cultures. I recently traveled to China and am trying to learn more about it. 🙂


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