The First Wedding Anniversary – “Paper”

On their wedding day, 2013/1/4.
On their wedding day, 2013/1/4.

On January 4, 2013, I and my husband were invited to witness a wedding of a young couple, hosted by one of the local Wedding Officiants.

They were both 23 at that time, one of them was fresh out of college and another was still  attending graduate school.  They didn’t have a lot of money, so they decided to have a very simple ceremony.  On that date they both dress casually, holding hands while exchanging vows under the guidance of the administer.  

I asked them afterwards how they determined their wedding date.  Their answer was completely beyond the imagination of a native Chinese as myself.

If I read the date term “2013/1/4” in Chinese, it becomes homonyms as “love you in all my life and to the end of the time“.

Today, 2014/1/4, is their first anniversary.  They are still deeply in love with each other even though they have been apart most of the last year, with one of them working and another of them attending graduate school in a different city.  The God will bring these two lovebirds together in next few months.

Today the wedding I witnessed a year ago again touched my heart, so I decided to write down and share with other bloggers in the project of “ZERO TO HERO: 30 DAYS TO A BETTER BLOG”.

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