Hawaii Post #8 – Pearl Harbor

My most wanted place to see during this Hawaii trip is Pearl Harbor.

Having heard, read, and watched about the Harbor many times, finally I could see it by myself.  We visited the Pacific Aviation Museum and learned the significant events in the history of aviation, especially the attack by Japanese on Dec 7, 1941.  We toured USS Missouri, followed the tour guide to go through the battleship and get a glimpse of the lifestyle on the ship over seventy years ago.  I even put an old helmet on and got a photo shot besides a gun on the ship.  Had I been born in that era, I might have chosen to fight for our country.  The upper deck of the ship is the place where Japanese signed the agreement of unconditional surrender .  From being attacked to fight back and reach a final victory, I am proud of being an American!

On the last day of the trip, we were luck to get an opportunity to see USS Arizona Memorial.  Standing on the top of the sunken battleship, reading the list of the names who sacrificed their lives and seeing a small trace of oil leaking from the ship, we paid our respect to those souls.

All those will be forever memorized by us!

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6 thoughts on “Hawaii Post #8 – Pearl Harbor

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