Turn Photos to Paintings

Photoshop has been a very powerful and fun tool.  Recently I started using Photoshop to turn photos into paintings based on my imagination and the power of the photo editing software.

In the following group, the left one is the original photo taken of a decorative hotel celling, and the right one is the result after “rough pastels”, one of the artistic filters from Photoshop’s filter gallery.

In the following group, the first Sphinx is the original photo taken in front of one of the luxurious hotels at Las Vegas.  The second Sphinx is after “charcoal”, and the third one is after “photocopy”.  Both of them are from the sketch filters of Photoshop filter gallery.

Even though I can’t paint, Photoshop allows me to create some artworks from photos.

Hope you enjoy my earliest Abstract “artworks”!

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