Shinning with Pure and Soft Hues

After a fun trip to Northern shore, I discovered another exciting exhibit - ice sculptures. Here is an introduction of the group of ice sculptures along the bounder between Minnesota and Wisconsin: TUCKED IN A LITTLE VALLEY beside the winding Rush River in the town of Salem, Wisconsin, Roger Nelson’s ice formations sit overtop an … Continue reading Shinning with Pure and Soft Hues

Who Has Stolen My Apples?

The family farm located at Northern Wisconsin has producing apples for many years. By late fall of 2020 we were expecting a lot of big and sweet apples as before, but we were disappointed. The apples on the trees looked beautiful but small and tasted very sour. Where are those big and sweet apples? After … Continue reading Who Has Stolen My Apples?

Walking in Countryside

Park Falls is a small town located at Northern Wisconsin and surrounded by endless fields. It is more like a countryside, instead of a city. With much less population density and pollutions caused by disappearing local industries, people can enjoy view over great farmlands during the daytime and magnificent galaxies at night. For me driving … Continue reading Walking in Countryside

Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

The past weekend was the autumn peak time at Northern Wisconsin. The temperature was about 10 degree lower compared at Minneapolis / St. Paul areas. After close to four hour driving, I finally arrived at Copper Falls State Park. It was the second time for me to visit there, last time was at the end … Continue reading Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

The Beautiful Bad River

Even the pandemic is still going around us, we took a vacation to Northern Wisconsin during this past weekend. The Bad River is a river flowing from the southwestern end of Caroline Lake to Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin.  On the way to its destination, it passes Copper Falls State Park through a gorge and drops … Continue reading The Beautiful Bad River

Vertical Milky Way

In order to capture any decent milky way photos, an area without any light pollution is required.  In addition high ISO (~ 2,000), high exposure (~ f2.8) and low shutter speed (~ 30 seconds) are also considered.  I spent the past weekend on our family farm located in norther Wisconsin.  Around midnight the surround was … Continue reading Vertical Milky Way

The Field of Hope – under the Sunlight

Babbettes Seeds of Hope is a sunflower maze grown in the memory of Babbette, a wonderful woman who had a dream of cancer - free for her and others.  The maze is located in Eau Claire, WI and about one and half hour driving distance from my home.  We have gone there couple of times … Continue reading The Field of Hope – under the Sunlight