Japan #6 – Only One Size

In my previous post Ginza and Issey Miyake, I talked about the shopping experience in Ginza.  In the store of Issey Miyake, it was the first time for me to see all clothes with only one size.  Actually Issey Miyake is not only designer with one size, many other brands in Japan have the same feature - … Continue reading Japan #6 – Only One Size

A New Word I Have Just Learned

It is Transmogrify! Even though the latest weekly photo challenge provides a very detailed explanations on the word "transmogrify", I still had a hard time to fully understand its meaning until the past Sunday morning. Ron and I took a walk around nearby Normandale Lake, we were enjoying the colors of leaves around us.  A … Continue reading A New Word I Have Just Learned

Here Comes a New Spring!

At Minnesota a winter usually lasts about six months, a springtime is more precious.  Even though we can still see some snow flakes once a while, plants' buds have started sprouting and animals have started come out of their hibernating places to seek for foods and foster their new generations. We, the people, can't wait to get … Continue reading Here Comes a New Spring!

What might be at a far place

This is my entry for this week's "CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: FARAWAY" We are all interested in exploring what might be at a far place.  That might forms the reasons for us to go far into ocean front, ...or walk on our feet in early morning to attend school activities for more learning … Continue reading What might be at a far place

Always Take More than One Photo

This is the entry to "CEE’S COMPOSE YOURSELF CHALLENGE: WEEK #3 Always Take More than One Photo". Whenever I found anything I like, I always try to take more than one photos.  There are some reasons for this: In case one raw file get deleted by accidence; In case one photo is off - focus … Continue reading Always Take More than One Photo