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The Majesty – on Veterans’ Day

You reside at Citadelle of Quebec, quietly, you may have been badly wounded, but we can feel your dignity and prestige. You bring the battlefields of WWII in front of us, your tell us the stories of those brave soldiers, who were fighting besides your to defeat enemies. We stand under the blue sky to face you, we … Continue reading The Majesty – on Veterans’ Day

If one day, I disappear from your world……

If one day I disappear from your world, will you stop walking on a street while my image suddenly strikes your brain? if one day I disappear from your world, will you have desire to share your happiest moments with me? if one day I disappear from your world, will you wake up in the … Continue reading If one day, I disappear from your world……

Doors from the Past

They are the photos of Door I captured during last trip to my home town - Xi'an, China.  They were designed in traditional Chinese styles, they are currently either for residence or for business.  In my opinion they are serving the connection between the old time and nowadays. Enjoy!

Write to Heal

One of the hardest things for me is to forget. My brain collects the stories in my life over the years, which can easily go far back to my kindergarten time.  It embedded those stories into its cells to form a self generated "calendar".  Those memories, especially the significant ones, have been repetitively making splashes on … Continue reading Write to Heal

A Little Red House

This little red house is sitting in the middle of 400 - acre family farmland at Northern Wisconsin.  It was one of the very first houses built by my parents - in - law back to 1950s. My father - in - law served in US Air Force during Korean War.  He married a beautiful young … Continue reading A Little Red House

Something from Far Past

While visiting family farm located at North Wisconsin during this Memorial Day, I had an opportunity to explore the beautiful 400 - ace farmland.  By chance I found something which seems coming from far past. This little house was built around 60 years ago, after my father - in - law returned from Korean War and married … Continue reading Something from Far Past

My Childhood Dream

A village, stunning as it is, surrounded by mountains, companied by creeks, and embedded in my heart. The bridge was a playground, where I ran with barefoot, swam in hot summertime, Inhaled breeze from countryside. The pavilion was a paradise, where I dived in tranquility, freed my imagination, let my childhood dream fly. reading My Childhood Dream

Emerging from the Darkest Shade

Next Saturday I am taking my family back to my hometown for a wedding. I was pre-occupied by different feelings except excitement each time I was going back to my hometown.  I have tried to justify why I am flying long way there every other year, but I kept failing to identify any reasons. As an … Continue reading Emerging from the Darkest Shade

No More Contacts Please !

This post is to response to "Daily Prompt: With or Without You". Many years ago, still single and pretty, I was in a dating world with a goal in mind to find my soulmate.  I was lucky enough to meet with some nice men, but occasionally couple of freaks who were trying to fill their … Continue reading No More Contacts Please !

你照亮了我的生命 二十年前的今天,我默默地松开你紧握的手,带着对你的爱恋飞越半个地球来到北美,陌生的环境,陌生的人群和陌生的语言使原先的激情荡然无存,电话那端你那温柔的话语重新唤起了我的信心和勇气。 二十年中从学校至工作,经历无数次的变迁,从黑暗中走出,在逆境中崛起。其间你走进我的生活,与我朝夕相处,心心相印,给了我一个温暖的家,令我事业爱情双丰收,且为子女打造了温馨的港湾。 在赴美二十周年纪念日,虽有万般思绪,却无法掩饰对他们的无限思念和感激! 此时将此歌献给在二十年中带我走出低谷,使我生命完整的两位卓越男士。 多少个夜晚我独坐窗前,期待着你的歌声; 多少个梦想我深藏内心,黑暗中独自挣扎; 如今你来到了我身边。 你照亮了我的生命,你赋予了希望推动我向前; 你照亮了我的白昼,并用歌声充实了我的夜晚。 我航行于大海中,在水上四处颠簸, 你的怀抱是我最后的归属! 终于我可以对你倾诉:"嘿,我爱你!"; 从此之后我不再孤独。 你照亮了我的生命,你赋予了希望推动我向前; 你照亮了我的白昼,并用歌声充实了我的夜晚。 与你惜惜相依,永远无悔, 因为是你照亮了我的生命! - 写于2013年12月, 美国明尼苏达州双子城