A Sudden Death of a Friend

I have been in a not so great mood since New Year, because one of my photographer friends passed away suddenly.

Jun was a great photographer, whom I considered as my mentor in photography.  He gave me a lot of advices during our field trips in the past.  He was also supper smart, warm and humorous, I felt my world filled with sunlight while he was around.

After last Christmas Jun drove his family from Twin Cities all the way to Utah for sightseeing and photographing.  Everyday he uploaded some new photos to the website of a local photographers’ salon, we were really happy they were having a good time.  We didn’t receive any new photos from him on New Year’s Eve and New Year.  We were not surprised because we knew Jun always immersed himself completely in capturing natural beauties, he probably forgot us for the time being.

I went back to work soon after new year, and read a notice sent from the photographers’ salon, announcing that Jun was hit and killed by a truck on December 29 while standing in the middle of Highway 163, Forrest Gump Point in Monument Valley.  His camera and tripod were smashed into pieces at the same time.

Many photographer friends went to his funeral last Sunday.  Through tears in my eyes I saw him laying in the casket, remembering his speaking and laughing at our gathering before the Christmas.  He went from earth to heaven just in two weeks.

I am still feeling this tragedy surreal.  He was young and energetic, he shouldn’t be laying still in a small casket from now on!

I also started fearing any unexpected things strike on me or the persons I care, because the distance between life and death may be only one hundredth of a second.  It seems that no matter how carefully we manage each day’s life, we can never control what will happen to us.

Perhaps what we should be doing is to be kind on ourselves and the people around us!

Rest in Peace, Jun!