Blue and Green: the Colors for New Lives

The colors of blue and green always remind us of freshly grown trees under the blue sky. Often times it is around spring season. With the birds chirping and plants sprouting, the earth is cultivating new lives! After spring arrives at Mississippi River, the birds turned to active after a long brutal winter. A great … Continue reading Blue and Green: the Colors for New Lives

Beautiful Companies

I usually get sleep-in on every Sunday Morning.  Then I got up, brewed a cup of coffee, turned on the stereo, sipping coffee and looking through the window. Our 1 - acre property has been attracting a lot of animals all year long.  Recently I have formed a habit to carry my DSLR with zoom … Continue reading Beautiful Companies

Here Comes a New Spring!

At Minnesota a winter usually lasts about six months, a springtime is more precious.  Even though we can still see some snow flakes once a while, plants' buds have started sprouting and animals have started come out of their hibernating places to seek for foods and foster their new generations. We, the people, can't wait to get … Continue reading Here Comes a New Spring!

Rise and Soar

F/5.6, 1/640, ISO 100, 200 mm Yesterday was a pleasant Sunday. I took my new Nikon 5500 and its zoom lens to nearby Bush Lake.  The lens shortened the distance between me and those elegant seagulls.  I was able to see them searching for foods, bathing, combing hair and interacting with each other. It was also the very … Continue reading Rise and Soar