It is at peak!

The trip to the northern Minnesota revealed a full bloom of Autumn color! A hiking trail brought us to a forest and presented us with the most beautiful autumn scene I have ever seen. The forest was covered by thick fog that day, which created a sense of mystery. While walking on the trail I … Continue reading It is at peak!

The beginning of the colors

Autumn is the second spring, every colorful leaf is a blooming flower! Especially at Minnesota autumn is just previous as spring since both of them only lasts for about a month. Since I love the color coming with autumn so much I usually take some time off from busy schedules at work to immerse myself … Continue reading The beginning of the colors

The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

We were still using air condition couple of weeks ago, then we already switch to heater today.  This is how fast the weather alters at Minnesota! The flowers start to wither and leafs start to turn color. The only thing I have found remains unchanged is the glory sunset, and those local energetic people. Lake … Continue reading The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

The Last Glimpse of the Red

With more and more dry withered leafs pilling up in our yard, there are less and less red color on the plants around.  It was said that at Minnesota there are 4 - month summer time, 6 - month winter time, and only one - month for each of spring and fall.  Usually we might … Continue reading The Last Glimpse of the Red

Seek the Colors of the Harvest

Even though the autumn has officially arrived, there are not many signs of the fall yet.  The trees are still green except some leaves start dancing their way down to the ground.  Most flowers are still waving in the wind.  But I was excited to find those colors of the harvest at a roadside stand today. … Continue reading Seek the Colors of the Harvest

Silent Sunday with Sunshine

After couple of days' continuous raining, the sunshine finally come back to us on this Sunday morning. I am sitting in front of my living room, sipping coffee and listening to birds' chirping.  It is hard to believe that summer is gradually leaving us and fall is just around the corner.  At Minnesota every season … Continue reading Silent Sunday with Sunshine

Here Comes a New Spring!

At Minnesota a winter usually lasts about six months, a springtime is more precious.  Even though we can still see some snow flakes once a while, plants' buds have started sprouting and animals have started come out of their hibernating places to seek for foods and foster their new generations. We, the people, can't wait to get … Continue reading Here Comes a New Spring!