The Macro Beauty Brought by Raining

After Macros of Bees and Drops under Raining we have another whole week's raining.  However it is still too early to watch the stunning autumn scene around Twin Cities areas. As a result, I continued to capture the beauty brought by raining. Thanks for visiting my post!

Macros of Bees and Drops under Raining

It has been raining a lot while it is getting cooler and cooler. This morning I captured some macro images of water drops and wet bees.  Here are they, Can you believe those bees know how to hide underneath the flowers or leafs from raining? Thanks for visiting my post!

OnePhoto Focus – August 2016

It is the time for OnePhoto Focus, we are editing a photo provided by Robin Kent. Here is the original photo, The name of the photo is "London Eye", which makes me think that the photo must be from London.  Even though I have never visited London, I know the place famous of its gloomy weather … Continue reading OnePhoto Focus – August 2016

“Tear” Drops

It has been raining during last couple of days.  Soon after the Sun finally came out, I took my DSLR camera out to our yard in hope to capture the images of flowers or plants just washed by rain. The bleeding hearts has been in their full bloom for a week, previous experience told me … Continue reading “Tear” Drops