The Hearts Started Bleeding

We didn't plant many kinds of annual flowers or plants in our garden simply because there are a lot of wild animals around, such as deers, ducks, turkeys, etc. Those animals like to consume the flowers / plants as their meals. The only spring flowers we have is bleeding heart. The following two photos are … Continue reading The Hearts Started Bleeding

Macros of Bees and Drops under Raining

It has been raining a lot while it is getting cooler and cooler. This morning I captured some macro images of water drops and wet bees.  Here are they, Can you believe those bees know how to hide underneath the flowers or leafs from raining? Thanks for visiting my post!

A Bee on “Ornamental Onion”

I went to Minnesota Landscape Arboretum during last weekend, with my DSLR camera and a macro lens. Here is one of the Surprised moments I captured when I browsing through numerous kinds of plants and flowers - a bee was working hard on a flower named ornamental onion. I was excited to get a lot … Continue reading A Bee on “Ornamental Onion”