Visited “Swan Lake” Again

I went to the same place to visit "Swan Lake" again this morning.  The temperature was around 20F below zero, the sky was cloudy not like last week (Angels in Morning Mist).  Luckily there was still mist floating over the open water.  The swans and other birdies were enjoying their time as usual. I am … Continue reading Visited “Swan Lake” Again

What might be at a far place

This is my entry for this week's "CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: FARAWAY" We are all interested in exploring what might be at a far place.  That might forms the reasons for us to go far into ocean front, ...or walk on our feet in early morning to attend school activities for more learning … Continue reading What might be at a far place

Start a Day with Smell of Coffee

This is my entry to "CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: SENSE OF SMELLING". Every morning my loud alarm drags me out of bed, but what really wakes me up is the smell from a cup of coffee. The bank I am working in is located at beautiful downtown Minneapolis.  The skyway not only connects buildings together, but … Continue reading Start a Day with Smell of Coffee