Beauties within brutal cold

The so called "Global Warming" has never been felt here at Minnesota! The first week of 2022 the local temperature has been lingering around 20 below. While working from home the low temperature has not caused much impact on our life or career, just has prevented us from going out for any opportunities of photographing. … Continue reading Beauties within brutal cold

My Obsession with Roses

Rose is my favorite flower, simply because it is the symbol of beauty, elegance and love. I am also amazed by the number of its varieties. Couple of weeks ago I took a walk inside a rose garden close to home. It was just after a raining day and all flowers were decorated by water … Continue reading My Obsession with Roses

The Flowers Formed by Strips

Winter at Minnesota is not all about blizzard, polar vortex or heavy traffic in the middle of snowstorm. It is also about beauties created by the sub-zero temperature. Ice flowers on the window at a cold morning are among those creations by brutal cold weather. Actually those ice flowers are also called window frost, which … Continue reading The Flowers Formed by Strips

Negative Space in Photos

Soon after I started learning photography about 5 years ago, I was told that any photos should leave some empty spaces to activate viewers' imagination.  If a photo is aimed for commercial advertisements, the empty space (or negative space) becomes especially important since it allows users to add their designs onto it. I also learned … Continue reading Negative Space in Photos

The Lives in Morning Dews

One of the advantages by working from home is to save daily commute time, for me it means extra one and half hours.  Another advantage from WFH is to gain flexibility, i.e., napping if I am tired, snacking if I am hungry, taking a short walk around my house if I get bored.  So far … Continue reading The Lives in Morning Dews

Spring Flowers under Macro Lens

As part of plan for Memorial Weekend, I practiced shooting spring flowers using macro lens. The objects under macro lens become very sensitive, which can turn to blurring with any tiny instability.  Often times I have to hold my breath just before press the shutter, it becomes difficult while wearing protective face mask during COVID … Continue reading Spring Flowers under Macro Lens

Hearts Start Bleeding

During quarantine time, I assign myself one new topic on each weekend for photography.  Macro is for this weekend, luckily it is another spring for some flowers to bloom. Years ago my husband showed me this kind of beautiful and graceful flowers when we just started dating.  It is called "bleeding heart", I have been so … Continue reading Hearts Start Bleeding

The Macro Beauty Brought by Raining

After Macros of Bees and Drops under Raining we have another whole week's raining.  However it is still too early to watch the stunning autumn scene around Twin Cities areas. As a result, I continued to capture the beauty brought by raining. Thanks for visiting my post!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to……

invade your privacy. I was busy pressing shutter and my bad eye sight couldn't tell the details until I uploaded the photos onto Lightroom. My macro lens did capture a lot of details of those beetles' lives.  Only thing I wasn't sure why two of them were having a good time while another one is … Continue reading Sorry, I didn’t mean to……

A Bee on “Ornamental Onion”

I went to Minnesota Landscape Arboretum during last weekend, with my DSLR camera and a macro lens. Here is one of the Surprised moments I captured when I browsing through numerous kinds of plants and flowers - a bee was working hard on a flower named ornamental onion. I was excited to get a lot … Continue reading A Bee on “Ornamental Onion”