Oh, deer!

Hunting season is here! Those potential targets are running for their lives. They are smart to leave the wild world and enter into cities. On the same time of every year, I can see more deers, especially bucks wandering around our yard. We put some vegetables and fruits every morning to make sure those visitors … Continue reading Oh, deer!

Everyday’s Objects for a Hunting Family

My husband's families have been hunting on their farmland over years.  Some processed animals are used to decorate hunting cabins. These everyday's objects evidenced the happy time when families got together during holidays. The facemark on the black bear face was added by me to memorize the pandemic, COVID - 19. Thanks for visiting my … Continue reading Everyday’s Objects for a Hunting Family

Learning Bow Hunting

Hunting has been one of the family events at Balczewski's for several generations, so we consider hunting as our family's Heritage. My daughter, Amber, started her hunting journey soon after she passed the required age for riffle hunting, here is one of her hunting achievements.  Amber always has a spirit to explore something new, this … Continue reading Learning Bow Hunting