Hawaii Post #7 – Hanauma Bay

The Hanauma Bay at Honolulu was one of the best nature reserves around the world.  There the ocean is embraced by the mountains from three directions.  Close to the beaches the sea water of turquoise color is so clear that a person can easily see the textures of the reefs underneath and numerous fishes, sea … Continue reading Hawaii Post #7 – Hanauma Bay

Hawaii Post #6 – Sushi and Kimono

On the big island we visited brother in law and sister in law.  They recently retired and decided to settle down at Hawaii, part of reasons is that he has developed a deep passion on ocean during serving at navy and she likes to stay somewhere in the US but also close to her home … Continue reading Hawaii Post #6 – Sushi and Kimono

Hawaii Post #5 – Tropical Flowers

We saw many different kinds of plants and flowers when we stayed at Hawaii for two weeks.  Most of them were new to me because they are growing in tropical area and I am living at Minnesota. In the following group of selected flowers, I only know the "bird of paradise" (the first) and passion … Continue reading Hawaii Post #5 – Tropical Flowers

Hawaii Post #4 – Happiness with Families and Friends

During the trip to Hawaii, my husband and I decided to take our niece, Liu, with us in order to let the girl, the new student in UOM, to experience something different. On the Island of Hawaii, we visited our brother and his his Japanese wife, who taught us something in Japanese cultures.  Meanwhile Liu … Continue reading Hawaii Post #4 – Happiness with Families and Friends

Dancing on Snow or in Snow

This winter at Minnesota has been drier and warmer than usual.  I have been looking forward to taking pictures with snowfall, but I ended up with some disappointments.  Finally there was a weather forecast on Monday that there would be close to 10 inch snowfall within next 24 hours.  The snowfall started on Monday night, I … Continue reading Dancing on Snow or in Snow