The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

There is a Wild Garden not far from my home, on the way to my yoga studio. It is a place I have been stopping by at least once per year, during the timeframe between July and August. Yesterday after my morning Ashtanga practice I stopped by the garden again, and snapped some photos on … Continue reading The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

Hearts Start Bleeding

During quarantine time, I assign myself one new topic on each weekend for photography.  Macro is for this weekend, luckily it is another spring for some flowers to bloom. Years ago my husband showed me this kind of beautiful and graceful flowers when we just started dating.  It is called "bleeding heart", I have been so … Continue reading Hearts Start Bleeding

It is the Time to Say Goodbye – Beautiful Butterflies

The passing weekend was the last warm day at Minnesota, since then it has been raining and drowsy.  The leafs are falling down and flowers are withering.  The number of birds around here become less and less, I believe they have been migrating to somewhere warmer. Besides taking some photos of hummingbirds (A Beautiful Little Angel - … Continue reading It is the Time to Say Goodbye – Beautiful Butterflies

A Beautiful Little Angel – Hummingbird

With approaching of fall to Minnesota, many birds are ready to migrate to the south. hummingbirds are something I have been trying to photograph.  With flying speed up to 50 meters (164 ft) and flapping their wings up to 70 times per second, it is very challenging to get them into a picture frame. This … Continue reading A Beautiful Little Angel – Hummingbird