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Meeting a Blogger Friend

It was my very first time for me to meet with a person I know online.

It is very interesting to see myself from others’ eyes.

Thanks, Helen!

HHC Blog


Recently a couple of bloggers had written about their meetings with other bloggers they met online. Each encounter sounded wonderful and fun. I was a little jealous. 😉 Since Oregon (Cee), Texas (Amy), Florida (Lois), Melbourne, Sydney, Africa, Taiwan… is too far; I emailed Yan at From Hiding to Blogging asking her if she would like to meet for a cup of coffee. She said yes… I was delighted. So… this raining morning, I drove 1.5 hours to Mall of American to see Yan.

My impression of Yan, other than nice and beautiful, was that she was a business woman. Even when she wrote about her personal story, somehow, I could sense a little business-writing flavor in it. I expected to see a tough, no-nonsense woman 😉 But that impression/expectation was changed before I even left the house when I received a text message from her saying “It’s raining. Drive…

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