Spring Flowers under Macro Lens

As part of plan for Memorial Weekend, I practiced shooting spring flowers using macro lens. The objects under macro lens become very sensitive, which can turn to blurring with any tiny instability.  Often times I have to hold my breath just before press the shutter, it becomes difficult while wearing protective face mask during COVID … Continue reading Spring Flowers under Macro Lens

The True Beauty Lays in the Details

With the fast approaching of September and autumn, the plants start withering and dying.  While those flowers are going to the end of their lives, their ultimate beauties surge. I was looking at the core of a daisy flower, and was amazed by its detailed Structure.  Through those interwinding pores and pumps, I saw the beauty … Continue reading The True Beauty Lays in the Details

Hawaii Post #5 – Tropical Flowers

We saw many different kinds of plants and flowers when we stayed at Hawaii for two weeks.  Most of them were new to me because they are growing in tropical area and I am living at Minnesota. In the following group of selected flowers, I only know the "bird of paradise" (the first) and passion … Continue reading Hawaii Post #5 – Tropical Flowers

A Bee on “Ornamental Onion”

I went to Minnesota Landscape Arboretum during last weekend, with my DSLR camera and a macro lens. Here is one of the Surprised moments I captured when I browsing through numerous kinds of plants and flowers - a bee was working hard on a flower named ornamental onion. I was excited to get a lot … Continue reading A Bee on “Ornamental Onion”


The local temperature reached close to 100 degree! I took advantage of fairly cool weather and bright light this morning to experience my new macro lens for Nikon D5500.  I "ran into" a bug (I guess it is dragonfly) landing on a still closed lily bud.  It looked like it has a smiley face. Then … Continue reading Curve

My Bleeding Heart

There are two bushes of bleeding hearts in our front yard.  This amazing flowers are blooming around late spring, and withering away within only couple of weeks. The first time I saw it could date back to the first date with my husband.  In the backyard of his old house I was surprised by those little … Continue reading My Bleeding Heart

Tulips and Dew Drops

It was raining hard whole day on last Thursday, together with dropping temperature.  Some flowers seemed stopped blooming for the time being by tightly hugging themselves. On last Friday morning, the Sun was shinning again.  I noticed there was a small field of tulips just besides my bus stop.  I took a few minutes to capture … Continue reading Tulips and Dew Drops

Floating Flowers

These Vivid scenes were randomly captured during my trip to China at lunar New Year and to Las Vegas at early spring.  The effort of post - adjustments using Lightroom and photoshop has involved a lot of fun and also helped me become more proficient in those two tools. Thanks for checking my work, and I … Continue reading Floating Flowers