Always Explore in More than One Way

It is always fun to look and take photos of the same things from various angles or on different moments. Last weekend the ducklings were finally hatched on our yard. Before they followed their parents onto their journey, I took some family photos for them. Since mommy duck had been staying in our yard for … Continue reading Always Explore in More than One Way

The Emptiness and Depression

After more than 10 days' quarantining at home, I decided to take a tour around downtown Minneapolis.  There were a few cars driving by once a while, a few people wearing masks, protective glasses and rubber gloves walking down the streets, or waiting at almost empty train station.  I stopped by Wells Fargo building, where … Continue reading The Emptiness and Depression

Sunset and Night Scenes at Colorado River and Lady Bird Lake

Besides business staffs at Austin, I did have some chances to go around the city especially at the times of sunset and nights.  There is a famous spot at Austin - the bats' family underneath Congress Avenue Bridge.  Soon after sunset around 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats flying out from their colony under the bridge.  The swarms … Continue reading Sunset and Night Scenes at Colorado River and Lady Bird Lake

Louisiana #4 Sunset

We stayed at an old house near Mississippi River while we were at New Orleans.  Everyday just before sunset time we walked to a park near the location where Mississippi River joining into the ocean.  This gave us opportunities to observe magnificent sunset and night scenes of the river and downtown New Orleans. I have … Continue reading Louisiana #4 Sunset