Be Prepared, Be Safe!

During last couple weeks a doe with her two fawns have been visiting my yard on the daily basis. The two fawns are tiny and often follow their mom closely. They were walking around nibbling on grass or mom stopped occasionally to nurse her babies. I wasn't sure whether those two babies could run on … Continue reading Be Prepared, Be Safe!

Deer Hunting

The hunting season at Wisconsin started on November 18 this year, and will continue until November 27. My husband's families have been hunting for generations at Northern Wisconsin, so he decided to teach my daughter to hunt soon after she reached legal hunting age (I guess it is 11).  On last Friday my 12-year old … Continue reading Deer Hunting

A Shy Visitor to Our House

Couple of days ago, I was cooking dinner at kitchen.  Through the kitchen window I saw a beautiful doe peeking at be behind a small tree.  I immediately grabbed my DSLR and ran outside to snapped a photo of her standing behind the tree. She apparently saw me taking her picture, but wasn't scared at … Continue reading A Shy Visitor to Our House

An Unexpected Guest at Easter – Photo 101 Day 16 & 17

I was alone at home on this Easter Morning, cooking and doing some chores around the house. While I was at kitchen, through the winder a young doe was looking around curiously.  I quietly ran to grab my camera and aimed the lens at her.  Luckily I had my zoom lens attached with the DSLR, … Continue reading An Unexpected Guest at Easter – Photo 101 Day 16 & 17