Even though few weeks has passed since Chinese Lunar New Year (year of tiger), I am still amazed by the creative choreography presented on New Year's celebration party. A lady was dancing in front of a background of a bright moon. With other part of the music hall turning completely dark, the effect of dancing … Continue reading Silhouette

Modern Dancing Party – Swan Lake

Swans are actually great dancers.  Here is a record of their dancing party, named as "Swan Lake". Dancing of a single swan: Dancing of double swans: Dancing of a group of swans: What do you think?  Do you like their dancing skills? Thanks for visiting my post!

Chinese Style Street Dance

The following couple of shots were taken on a street side during Lunar New Year, while I was walking with my parents in a park close to their home. The dancers were wearing colorful dresses in the styles from one of the minorities at China and full makeups on their face.  They were enjoying their … Continue reading Chinese Style Street Dance

Dancing on Snow or in Snow

This winter at Minnesota has been drier and warmer than usual.  I have been looking forward to taking pictures with snowfall, but I ended up with some disappointments.  Finally there was a weather forecast on Monday that there would be close to 10 inch snowfall within next 24 hours.  The snowfall started on Monday night, I … Continue reading Dancing on Snow or in Snow