Those Curves Captured by Flashlight

I have experienced macro photography a few time before, but in the past weekend I tried to use flashlight during macro shooting. It was sunny but windy, the objects under the macro lens were moving constantly.  In the past I usually selected the maximum aperture as I could which allowed me to use very high … Continue reading Those Curves Captured by Flashlight


The local temperature reached close to 100 degree! I took advantage of fairly cool weather and bright light this morning to experience my new macro lens for Nikon D5500.  I "ran into" a bug (I guess it is dragonfly) landing on a still closed lily bud.  It looked like it has a smiley face. Then … Continue reading Curve

What is its POV?

This little desk decoration was purchased at Chicago a few years ago.  It is like a peeled green apple but is actually made of ceramic.  The Curve of "apple peel" surround its body with cutting marks, which makes whole thing look so real. It was an inexpensive item but I consider it exquisite and mysterious.  

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A Straight Line over Arcs

One summer night I and some friends stopped by this stone arc bridge on Mississippi river.  When we were walking along the river, I was suddenly attracted by the structure of the bridge - a perfect combination of curve and the straight bridge edge above. I snapped the picture, just as they were without any … Continue reading A Straight Line over Arcs