My Hideaway in Pandemic

I have been working from during last seven months, and will continue WFH until at least the end of 2020 based on company's guidelines. The following two photos are my desk with late autumn scenes outside windows. The first one was taken on a sunny day couple of weeks ago, the second one was taken … Continue reading My Hideaway in Pandemic

Another Farewell

Even though I had said farewell many times in the past, either to my loved ones, or to some dear friends or to colleagues at work, it has not been any easier to say farewell once more. On the last day of my current job, I arrived at office as usual. I checked the to … Continue reading Another Farewell

My New Year Resolution – Simplification

This is the wardrobe of Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook. As simple as it is, it saves a lot of time to make decision every morning on the styles, colors, matches, etc. Its owner can focus on more important decisions than his morning picks on his clothing. On the contrary, many of us, … Continue reading My New Year Resolution – Simplification